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ACT! Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the ACT! training sessions held?

On-Site with your data, and your computer system! This type of training ensures a smooth "quick start" implementation, and also encourages users to use their systems more fully. We do not offer combined multi-company classroom training. Frankly, there are other companies in this marketplace that can provide classroom training for the average person! We provide hands-on training, rather than generic training. You will spend less time listening, and more time communicating.

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Why use my data?

Customers say, using their data personalizes the training, and keeps the training pertinent. You, know what information you need to do business. It comes down to where do you find it, and where do you keep it?

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What do you need to track, and how often will you query your database?

If you need to locate contacts what is the common thread that groups them so you can create that form letter, newsletter, or mailing label list?

Come on this sounds pretty simple! Take two...and call me in the morning!

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Am I really going to learn more with less hours?

Many of our customers have already cracked the manual looked through the tutorial, and more often than not, already started the program.

If you already figured out how to get the data into the fields you'll probably be twiddle your thumbs in a beginning training class, however, you may not be ready for an advanced class. You tell us what your needs, wants and desires are, and then we start where it would be appropriate. Private instruction in a one-on-one session, or with a small workgroup within the same company allows us to providing hands-on training, rather than generic training using examples. You will spend less time listening, and more time communicating what you need know! In a class room, you have to control the number of questions, as well as the answers provided for the good of the class. We encourage questions, to make sure we are hitting the mark! You can drag us kicking and screaming any direction you need!

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What are the customers saying about this approach?

"I am a cocky computer user, and literate, too! I used ACT! for about 30-45 days before receiving any training, I cannot stress enough, the value that your training provided me! I was only using a tenth of the program" C.V.H. (3 Hours)

"One-on-one, tailored to our needs, short cuts helped immensely! "S.M. (3 Hours)

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Who does the training?

Symantec Authorized ACT! Contact Management Trainer

Art Russ, Personal/Workgroup Trainer, and Act User since 1989.

"Practicing What I Preach!"

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Is there a guarantee with your training program?*

If we don't exceed your expectations...you don't cut the check! No check...that's right no check! *Some limitations do apply to the guarantee, please call for details. Incidentally, I have looked over the shoulders of some pretty successful Act! Users! So, even if you have experience, but know there is more you could be doing with ACT! call me. I'll take a chance, if you will!

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How many sessions will this take?

You only schedule what you need! Most of our customers do a little homework ahead of time, and spend 2 to 3 hours on the first visit. Some people get by with one session.

First you have to get your feet wet, 2-3 hours, Level One

After the first visit you should have an understanding of the capabilities of Act. We can discuss your current methods of doing business and what you hope to accomplish by using Act! We will discuss how to find the information once we get it into Act and how to standardize information for querying, and some common database theories. Practice makes perfect and almost nothing is etched in concrete! So get started using Act!

Working Session, 2-3 hours, Level Two

You are loading contacts as needed, and working with both clearing past activities, and scheduling future phone calls, meetings, and to-dos. You have a task list, calendar, histories, and notes. Now queries, cleaning-up, customizing reports, creating or customizing form letters, lookups, and groups, faxing, transferring of contacts. Backing up your databases should also be discussed if this data has a value.

Advanced Session, 2 hours, Level Three

Fine tuning, and really getting it right, administrative, sharing databases, merging, etc. There really is a lot to Act, more than meets the eye!

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Do you work Morning, Noon, Nights, or Weekends?

Yes, and perhaps even on Saturday *, afternoon. No, need to wait for next scheduled training class, lets look at our calendars! We will work around your schedule!

*Sorry, Saturday mornings are reserved for Golf!

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So What's the Bottom Line?

A couple of hours with us or a couple days with them! Most of our customers do a little home work ahead of time, and spend 2-3 hours with the first session. Some only need a little phone support usually for what if questions? Others just prefer to spend money and not have to hunt!! I like both kinds!


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